Friday, March 09, 2012

New approach for global deforestation

Global deforestation rates remain high despite their recognition for their environmental, social, cultural, and economic value. Approximately 13 million hectares of forest are lost every year and this is partiicularly high in tropical countries. Although forest cover in industrial countries has reportedly exhibited some expansion during the last decade, a large portion of remaining forest ecosystems is heavily degraded. It is estimated that only about 21 percent of the world’s forests are still intact. The concept of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) is evolving to become an all-encompassing framework across all types of forest use. According to the United Nations Forum on Forests, SFM is a dynamic concept that aims to maintain and enhance the economic, social, and environmental values of forests, for the benefit of both present and future generations. In densely populated areas, and where many people heavily depend on forests for their income, SFM might be of particular interest because it allows the use of a wide range of forest products while addressing the pressure on forest resources.

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