Thursday, December 01, 2011

New member of staff at ORI

Dr. Md Anawar Hossain recently joined ORI as a a Research Scholar in Biogeochemistry. He earned Masters in Chemistry, 2nd Masters in Earth Science from Nagoya University and Ph.D. in Environmental Geochemistry from Niigata University (Japan). He was postdoctoral fellow, visiting professor and researcher in Wits University, Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear (Portugal), IRNASA (Spain), Charles University in Prague and Hiroshima University. He was a lecturer in Independent University Bangladesh. He has 40 publications in refereed international journals. His research interests are: Biogeochemical cycling of trace elements in groundwater, wetlands and mine tailings affected lands and water; Stable isotope and geochemistry; Phytoremediation; Nutrients and trace elements in soils and crops; Health risk; Carbon cycling and sequestration; Climate change; Environmental and analytical chemistry. Welcome to ORI Dr. Hossain!

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