Thursday, September 22, 2011

ORI Seminar Presentations: Dr. E. Struyf and Professor D. Conley

In the latest ORI seminar series , Professor Daniel Conley from the Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Lund University made a presentation titled, "Global Biogeochemical Si Cycle". The second presentation was a collaboration of Dr. Eric Struyf from the University of Antwerp, Department of Biology and Professor D. Conley on " Emerging understanding of the biological silica filter". The two visiting researchers will be working with ORI Senior Research Scholar, Dr. Mike Murray-Hudson on a study titled "A first quantification of biogenic silica pools and fluxes in the Okavango Delta". This project is a collaborative effort between University of Botswana, and the universities of Antwerp and Lund and forms part of a larger comparative study between the Okavango and the Fly River of Papau New Guinea.

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