Thursday, May 12, 2011

Botswana Storytelling Academy

The African custom of recounting traditional folktales around the fire has lost ground in Botswana:yet it remains as essential to the education of African youth as are the globally popular fairytales to western culture. However, a unique project will be training talented Batswana youth in film-making and photojournalism. Acclaimed Scandinavian photographer, Mattias Klum and author/journalist Mats Ongren Wanger have teamed up to launch the Botswana Storytelling Academy (BTSA), a collaborative initiative which aims to bring traditional storytelling into the 21st Century. Its aim is nothing short of immortalising ancestral stories and tales through documentary film-making and updating fireside folklore to the medium of photojournalism. The vision is to set up the academy before 2016.

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