Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unlocking progress: MDG acceleration on the road to 2015

According to the report, progress on the MDGs should be viewed from four sequential steps. The first is to identify the relevant MDG target (generally one that is off track, or unlikely to be met, based on current projections) and enumerate the key interventions that are considered necessary to reach it. The second step is to analyse the causes of the lack of complete success of each intervention, thus identifying the bottlenecks. Once identified, bottlenecks should be prioritized in terms of their potential impact on the MDG target, were they to be removed. In general, bottlenecks identified can either be cross-cutting in nature, affecting several MDGs at the same time, or specific, affecting primarily the MDG in question. Countries often find it useful to classify each specific bottleneck into one of the four categories—policy and planning, budget and financing, service delivery and service utilization.For more on the report, visit the UNDP site.

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