Friday, January 07, 2011

Leading by example-Elephants without borders Community Project

Elephants Without Borders has shifted its focus from wildlife research to a community outreach programme that aims to mitigate human/elephant conflict in Northern Botswana. The elephant Conservation and Community Outreach Farming Project focuses on low-cost, sustainable human/elephant mitigation measures in a now thriving pilot project at Kachikau Tribal Lands in the Chobe enclave in Northern Botswana, a place where human/elephant conflict has been on the rise as human settlemets with their accompanying agricultural fields and livestock expand. The project which is primarily funded by the Ministry of Wildlife, Environment and Tourism, Department of Wildlife and National Parks , the San Diego Zoo, will educate and sensitise farmers to the complexities of human/elephant conflict, the need to stop cutting trees to create farmland, the urgency of habitat conservation and ways to deter elephants from entering their fields. The article is available in the ORI Library.

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