Thursday, November 18, 2010

Water and Sanitation

PLoS Medicine published a four-part series on water and sanitation in November 2010, whose first article argued that that the massive burden of ill health associated with poor hygiene, sanitation, and water supply demands more attention from health professionals and policymakers. The second article, focuses on water supply and stresses that much more effort is needed to improve access to safe and sustainable water supplies. The importance of improved sanitation to health and the role that the health sector can play in its advocacy is discussed in the third article. And in the final article, an outline is given on what needs to be done to make significant progress in providing more and better hygiene, sanitation, and water for all. The active involvement of health professionals in hygiene, sanitation, and water supply is crucial to accelerating and consolidating progress for health, argue the authors.The report is available on

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