Sunday, September 05, 2010

River basins and climate change

Zunia has alerted us to a recently published World Bank report, Mapping the Resilience of International River Basins to Future Climate Change-induced Water Variability, commissioned to investigate specific interactions between transboundary water resources management and climate change.

The report reveals significant differences in institutional resilience to climate change induced water variability across transboundary basins.
While water treaties and River Basin Organizations are relatively common in transboundary river basins, specific variability management mechanisms are often lacking. Sometimes high hydrological exposure and a lack of adaptation mechanisms fall together, indicating a particular risk of climate change induced challenges and calling for policy action. The presence of an international water treaty, an allocation mechanism, a variability management mechanism, a conflict resolution mechanism and a river basin organization were the criteria used to rate treaty capacity for providing resilience to climate change. Some basins with particularly high probability of water stress have been identified for further study: the highest risk occurred in central Asia, Eastern Europe and in many places in Africa.

You can find the full text of the report online.

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