Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Botswana Ecohealth Project: student seminar

At the recently held Ecohealth project seminar at Maun Lodge, students from the programme made their presentations. Chandapiwa Molefhe presented a thesis on Hydro-Climatic factors and Molapo Farming dynamics in the Okavango Delta. The main objective of this project is to investigate the relationship between Hydro-climatic factors and the development of molapo farming in the Okavango Delta. Neelo John's presentation was on the Impacts of molapo Farming System on the Environmental Sustainability of the Okavango Delta. His interests lie in investigating the impacts of molapo farming as a system, the current practices, on the vegetation resources and floodplain soils. From the Health component of the Botswana Eco-Health project, Mrs Akuzike Gerrard presented a proposal on Dynamics of malaria transmission in Shorobe, Tubu and Xobe villages. What came out of her presentation was the crucial role that identification and analysis of factors affecting or leading to malaria transmission is. In her paper, Assessment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia on Children and Women of Molapo Farming Communities in Tubu, Shorobe and XobeGa, Galase Ramolefhe tries to assess impacts of lack of iron among children and women involved in molapo farming practices in the communities of Shorobe, Tubu and Xobe villages. There were also presentations from the Agricultural and policy components of the project by Mrs Lambani Bosekeng and Mr Sekgowa Motsumi respectively.

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