Thursday, June 24, 2010

New at HOORC's Library: the world water crisis: the failures of resource management

For a long time now, water resources planners have frequently signalled an impending water crisis. The message is that the world is running out of water and that careful planning and the adoption of integrated water resources management can avert this catastrophe. The author, Stephen Brichieri-Colombi challenges these perceptions. According to him, the crisis is one of resource management rather than availability: simply because water resource planners advocate exploitation of rivers without due regard to social, environmental and geopolitical consequences. The author advances a new paradigm--water in the national economy--which will enable developing countries to meet future food and water demands without increasing abstraction from rivers and consequential riparian conflict. A powerful re-appraisal of the development of global water resources. The book is available in the HOORC Library.

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