Friday, April 23, 2010

Secondary School Internship

Nine Secondary School students from Okavango International School completed their work for HOORC's Secondary School’s Internship Course this week, wrapping up two weeks of research training and fieldwork assignments with presentations of the results of their research.

This work showed focus on environmental health with topics like: Assessment of Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, and Turbidity in Thamalakane River; Assessment of the Water Quality in the Okavango Delta: A case study from the Thamalakane River; A profile of Tourists Visiting Maun: A case study of Audi Camp; Mapping of the Molapo Fields on the Thamalakane river; A Preliminary Investigation of the diet of Tilapia sparrmanii from Nxaraga Lagoon; Variation of Water quality at a point on the Thamalakane River over a Period of two days in April; A Preliminary Investigation of the diet of Brycinus lateralis from Nxaraga Lagoon All the students' reports can be found in HOORC's Library.

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