Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Documentation and promotion of indigenous knowledge - based solutions for Botswana

This educational book authored by HOORC Researcher Dr B. N. Ngwenya and others comprising of K. A. Marobela, K.N. Monyatsi, H. Okatch, A. Masizana and N. Mozila offers the findings of an ethnosurvey conducted in Botswana as part of the Project ‘Ethnosurvey and promotion of indigenous-knowledge Systems (IKS).The aim being to document, evaluate, validate and protect the widely practiced IKS and to identify problems associated with their use that can serve as researchable topics that can help to find solutions for them. It conveys the importance of gathering information on indigenous/traditional knowledge and preserving it for future access and use by IKS practitioners, community representatives and researchers. The book is available in the HOORC Library.

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