Thursday, March 18, 2010

HOORC Library Retreat

The HOORC Library with the assistance of the Deputy Director Information and Resources Services held their retreat at Maun Lodge from the 13-14th March. Its objectives were to workshop the HOORC Library Draft 6 year strategic Plan to align with the University’s strategy for Excellence in the context of HOORC and UB Library Services and to draw up the 2010 work plan with activities aligned to policy documents e.g. UB Research Strategy, learning and teaching policy, digital scholarship. One of the most important points that came out of the discussions was the shift from concentrating on processes to a more customer focused service.The last day focused on the Performance Management System with a brief presentation from the Senior Librarian highlighting its importance and concluding that PMS should not be understood as an annual appraisal but as a continuous management practice to assist in enhancing our performance and service to our patrons.

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