Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New at HOORC's Library: wildlife resources: a global account of economic use

The management and use of natural resources such as forests, grasslands, rivers and lakes were formerly considered purely in a financial context. However, there has been a consciousness of their social function and the indirect economic benefits which can be derived from them. Conservation of natural resources for sustainable consumptive as well as non consumptive uses has been recognised as a key element for maintaining economic development all over the world. Fortunately, the industrialised countries have started to apply this principle themselves and in their technical and financial aid to the developing Third world countries. This is derived from policy documents such as the World Bank Policy on Development of Wild Lands, issued in 1987. While it was previously unthinkable that any development bank would invest in the conservation of natural resources of the management of natural forests, wetlands and other wildlands for long term sustainable utilisation, this has now become a legitimate area for loan consideration. The book is available in the HOORC library.

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