Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Role of the environment in averting future food crises

In an attempt to understand the factors underpinning the food crisis and to assess trends, UNEP commissioned a Rapid Response team of internal and international experts. In their report, the experts argue that, unless more sustainable and intelligent management of production and consumption are undertaken , food prices could indeed become more volatile and expensive in a world of six billion, rising to over nine billion by 2050 as a result of escalating environmental degradation. Up to 25% of the world food production may become ‘lost’ during this century as a result of climate change, water scarcity, invasive pests and land degradation.The report makes seven significant recommendations. These include real opportunities for boosting aquaculture and fish farming without intensifying damage to the marine environment alongside ones highlighting the opportunities for minimizing and utilizing food. Full document available on:

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