Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UNDP Annual Report 2009

As one of its mandate , the UNDP continues to support developing countries undergoing economic and financial crisis, and upholding its values stated in the Millennium Declaration. UNDP’s commitment to capacity development is spread over 166 countries, working in consultation with national governments and various local and international development partners in drawing up a plan of action for capacity development. In this way, it empowers people, governments, institutions and communities with the the tools and training required to address their own needs in a sustainable way. This demand from developing countries for capacity development support, especially in the area of developing local services increased dramatically in 2008 as countries faced the fallout from the food, fuel and financial crises. As a result, UNDP responded to requests to facilitate capacity assessments and diagnostics in 65 programme countries in 2008. For more on the report you can visit the UNDP site.

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