Friday, August 21, 2009

HOORC Seminar Series

In their paper titled, Potential impacts of the production of liquid biofuels on food security, Prof Kgathi and Dr. K.Mfundisi, confirmed an earlier study done in 2003, that there is potential in growing biofuel crops in Botswana. According to them, it is imperative that the country finalises its biofuel policy and proceed with the implementation of the production of fuels. The second paper, Potential impacts on the production of liquid biofuels on ecosystems and social sustainability : the case of Botswana , also by Kgathi and Mfundisi, cited some of the advantages in the production of biofuels for Botswana.These include, access to energy in remote areas outside the electric grid, enhancement of agricultural production and the restoration of degraded areas as drought resistant crops are grown on these lands. Lesego Stone in her presentation, The successes and challenges of community based tourism enterprises, Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust (KRST), remarked that community based tourism enterprises generally expand tourism activities and boost the informal sector in both goods and services . Lately, however, they have been dogged by poor management skills, marketing and lack of community involvement and participation.

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