Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New in HOORC's Library: African vulture habitat

Lappet-faced vulture on nest in Namibia, from Birdlife Botswana, photographed by P. Bridgeford

Trade-offs between specificity and regional generality in habitat association models : a case study of two species of African vulture, an article in a recent issue of Journal of Applied Ecology draws on collaborative research from a team of researchers including Botswana's Wendy Borello and Pete Hancock. A case study of two vulture species from six biogeographically different regions across southern Africa predicted nest occurrence based on variables from a GIS, allowing the researchers to develop models of species distribution. The researchers discovered that it was most useful to develop models from multiple regions to allow focus on unsurveyed regions and to identify suitable habitat for protection. You can find the article in HOORC's Library.

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