Monday, May 04, 2009

Benefits to African Ramsar wetlands

A recent issue of the Georgetown International Environmental Law Review featured an article based on the findings of a survey carried out by Gardner, Connolly and Bamba: African wetlands of international importance : assessment of benefits associated with designations under the Ramsar Convention. The article offers a brief description of Ramsar sites surveyed in 18 African countries, findings about the perceived benefits of Ramsar status, and recommendations for strengthening the convention in Africa. The authors found that Ramsar designation in the African context has led to improved protection and management, increased scientific study, increased access to funding, increased ecotourism and more alleviation of poverty. To build on these benefits, they recommend better promotion of the Ramsar designation, more emphasis on the links between wetland conservation and poverty alleviation, and more support for local management plans. You can find the article online on the Ramsar Secretariat's Wise Use of Wetlands page and in HOORC's Library.

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