Thursday, April 16, 2009

IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level

UNESCO launched its online publication, IWRM Guidelines at River Basin Level at the at the 5th World Water Forum in March 2009. The guidelines, produced as a contribution of UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme towards the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) with dedicated support from the Japanese Government, consist of two parts:

Overarching Principles of IWRM at River basin level for policy-makers

Practical keys for success and good examples intended for practitioners of IWRM at river basin level.

The guidelines propose a ‘Spiral Model’ of IWRM, that illustrates the evolving and dynamic nature of the IWRM process. Accumulated ‘Key for Success’ can be used in practice to help IWRM succeed at the river basin level. ‘Good examples’ in several different river basins worldwide show how these keys could overcome the issues. Users are invited to to contribute to their improvement with suggestions and by introducing new case studies.

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