Friday, April 24, 2009

Botswana economic situation

From Botswana economic report – April 2009, Capital Securities

HOORC Senior GIS Technician Masego Dhilwayo has alerted us to the latest economic report from Botswana company Capital Securities:

"As the impact of the credit crunch is beginning to show clearly, in Botswana the economic multipliers are so great that as diamond mining slides, the entire economy slides with it.
The graphs show clearly the dilemma for this export-led economy of 1.7m people. Imports are rising as diamond and copper-nickel exports decline. Non-diamond exports are up – they were 36% of the total over 2008 - but half of that was copper nickel. This is too slow a rate and improvement is unlikely in the present international and regional economic climate."

You can find the report online.

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