Friday, January 23, 2009

World Economic Forum global risk report

The World Economic Forum has issued Global Risks 2009: a Global Risk Network Report online. The report uses coloured charts to help readers visualize types of risk and geographic location, pointing out that African countries form, in general, form a comparatively tight cluster with respect to environmental, geopolitical, health and technological risks dimensions with relatively fewer financial and real assets, and thus lower exposure to asset bubbles. Climate change is given emphasis in the report: "In Africa alone, 75-250 million people will be exposed to water stress by 2020 (IPCC 4th report). The area suitable for agriculture will decrease and reductions in yields could amount to 50% by 2020." You can find the report and associated materials online.

Locally, in December, the Palapye blog reprinted a story Botswana Press Agency (BOPA) story about the anticipated effects of the global recession on Botswana tourism.

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