Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New in HOORC's Library: Lake Ngami aquatic animals

Light micrograph of Vorticella parasite in Lake Ngami tadpole

HOORC's Library recently received a copy of the proceedings of the Microscopy Society of Southern Africa Conference held in Gaborone this year. The volume includes two papers about aquatic life in Lake Ngami, Tadpole ciliophorans of Lake Ngami, Botswana by L.L. Van As and J.G. Van As and Succession of zooplankton re-establishment in Lake Ngami, Botswana by D.T. West and J.G. Van As. The University of the Free State's Aquatic Parasitology Research Group explored areas of Lake Ngami that have been long dry to document the presence of zooplankton and animal parasites established in the recent floods. You can find the papers in HOORC's Library.

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