Saturday, July 05, 2008

Climate change in Africa

HOORC researchers Susan Ringrose, Cornelis Vanderpost and Philippa Huntsman-Mapila have contributed to a new book, Global change processes and impacts in Africa : a synthesis, co-published by START and East African Educational Publishers. Human dimension of African climate and environmental change by Dr Vanderpost argues that solutions aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change need to simultaneously address socio-economic development and governance. In particular, Africa with its highest global population growth, needs assistance in reducing poverty and improving food security and health care to slow down this growth and the corresponding increased consumption of natural resources. Ringrose and Huntsman-Mapila join authors O. Olago, M. Umer, E.H. Sow and B. Damnati in providing an review of African environmental change in Paleoclimate of Africa : an overview since the last glacial maximum. You can find their chapters in HOORC's Library.

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