Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zambia implements a new Land Register System (LRS)

The introduction of Zambian Land Administration System (ZLAS) is reducing the time needed to complete land transactions. The LRS also provides features such as automatic fee calculation, an audit log of all modifications to the Registry and powerful reporting functions that are limiting the opportunities for corruption within the Ministry of Lands.

A Customer Service Center will act as the single location in which all land transactions will take place, ensuring that citizens will no longer be required to carry documents between departments within the Ministry. With LRS now in use, documents will be entered into the system electronically and make their way through configured workflows, ensuring that documents can be tracked at all times and are processed by the correct person and at the right time. LRS will accurately record how long registration is taking and, by recording key attributes such as gender, the Ministry will ensure meeting its service charter (e.g. that 30% of land is allocated to women). Using public access terminals at the Customer Service Center, citizens will be able to check the status of their property registration.

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