Thursday, April 24, 2008

Visit from Bottriells

Bottriell's King Cheetah web site

HOORC's Library received a visit yesterday from wildlife researchers Lena Godsall Bottriell and Paul Bottriell, author and artist of three books about natural history in the southern African region. The team is currently carrying out research for their latest book, a story of survival of a young woman who was lost in the wilderness in Botswana in the period 1914-18.

You can read about the Bottriell's work on animals and landmines on their Umbulala site and find the Bottriell's first book, King Cheetah : the story of the quest, which documents an expedition that proved the existence in the wild of the rare big cat, the striped and blotched King Cheetah of southern Africa, in the Pete Smith Collection in HOORC's Library.

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