Saturday, July 21, 2007

University of Botswana 25th Anniversary celebrations in Maun

HOORC is hosting celebrations for the University of Botswana's 25th Anniversary today. A parade is making its way from HOORC's gates to the main kgotla in Maun for speeches, singing, dancing and lunch for all villagers. The winning entry in a contest for schoolchildren explains the origins of the university:

Letsema is the spirit of giving. Batswana traditionally have always believed in sharing whatever they had with their kinsmen who were less fortunate. This was always encouraged by the leaders, such as the chiefs who at the times when the rains have started and the chiefs felt that it was time to start to ploughing would call a general meeting. It will be at this meeting that the chief will announce for everyone to go out to the fields and start ‘helping each other’ to see how to go about finishing in the right time.

Letsema! The African Ubuntu! The spirit of sharing ! The construction or the building of the University of Botswana is one of the best examples of Letsema.

Batswana contributed in the building of the university. Back then people didn’t have much to give: Batswana did the best they could. They brought goats, cattle, chickens, sorghum, money and whatever they could bring in order for the university to be built.

We all love the result of our effort, we therefore salute the spirit of ubuntu and to everyone else, young and old, male and female, white and black, Motswana and non Motswana who made it possible for us to have our university. Thank you!!!

Gaogelwe Sedumedi
Class 2G
Tshwaragano CJSS, Age: 15

HOORC is a research centre of the University of Botswana.

UB Vice Chancellor, Professor Bojosi Otlhogile, and Kay Raseroka, Director, UB Library Services, join HOORC staff on float

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