Tuesday, July 17, 2007

HOORC Winter Course student research

Winter Course Student Presentations

HOORC’s 2007 class of University of Botswana Winter Course students were completing their project reports this week, following six weeks of intensive study and fieldwork in the Okavango Delta and Ngamiland. Seanokeng Kedisaletse and Boikanyo Mokgweetsi looked at different aspects of solid waste management with Solid waste management in Maun, and Household perceptions on solid waste practices in Maun. Tebego Kgamanyane's and Olivia Nthoi's research at Tsodilo Hills is documented in The contribution of rock paintings to the economic value of Tsodilo World Heritage Site and Investigating the impact of World Heritage status on local communities' traditional production of crafts. Nametso Koloi and Benjamin Moya carried out surveys of tourism to produce An analysis of tourist perceptions at Moremi Game Reserve and The impact of the expansion of tourism on the socio-economic development of Maun. Tshiamo Mangole wrote Mineralogical, textural and geochemical analysis of calcareous duricrust deposits as paleoenvironmental indicators along Thamalakane fault, Maun and Reneilwe Thobosi , Investigation on impacts of salvinia molesta on macroinverebrates and effectiveness of its control (Moremi Game Reserve). Tshepho E. Mpolokeng wrote Human-carnivore conflicts : an analysis of the government compensation scheme and Masego Sam, Water use and management along Boteti River : the case of Moreomaoto. Two students looked at artisanal fishing issues: Elizabeth Rammai's findings are in Child fishing in Okavango Delta Panhandle : case of Mohembo and Kauxwi, while Bathusi Sakwape's are in Subsistence fishing as a natural safety net in Ngarange and Kauxwi. Okavango Delta livelihoods were studied by Monthusi Sethora who looked at Ethnic dynamics over access, selection and utilization of natural resources in Ngarange and Bame Esther Pule who studied Livelihood activities in Tubu Village.

All the students' reports may be found in HOORC's Library.

Winter Course Field trip

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