Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tsodilo archaeology talk

Photo courtesy of Sheila Coulson
Associate Professor Sheila Coulson of the University of Oslo's Department of Archaeology visited HOORC today and presented Early Symbolism and Ritual Behaviour: Evidence from a Middle Stone Age Site, Tsodilo Hills, Botswana, the latest findings from the work of the joint project of the Archaeological Section, UB/Tromsø Collaborative Programme for San Research. Archaeological discoveries from the Rhino Cave site at Tsodilo Hills -- part of the Okavango Delta Ramsar site and a World Heritage Site -- provides strong evidence of ritual behaviour at least 70,000 years ago, predating such evidence found in Europe. According to Professor Coulson, these findings place Botswana firmly within the current debate about modern human behaviour. In HOORC's Library, you can find Ditswammung : the archaeology of Botswana by Paul Lane, Andrew Reid and Alinah Segobye.

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