Thursday, January 11, 2007

New in HOORC's library: Orange and Okavango river basins study

The making and unmaking of the politics of exceptionality : studying processes of securitisation and desecuritisation in the Orange and Okavango river basins, a Master's thesis by Pal Arne Davidsen at the University of Bergen's Institute of Comparative Politics, looks at options for defining the concept of security in international relations through comparing the politics of water security in two southern African river basins. Davidsen argues that the way that people look at nature differs for the two river basins: the Orange River has become a symbol of humankind's conquest of nature while the Okavango is seen as God's gift to humankind. These differing views have an impact on the perceptions of security threats produced by water shortages. You can find the thesis in HOORC's Library.

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