Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in review

A variety of online end of the year reviews cover issues of interest to the Okavango planning and management community. The National Press Photographers Association first place award for still photography environmental photo story went to Joel Sartore for his series of images from Brazil’s Pantanal wetland. Time Magazine’s best photos of the year include an image of a thought-provoking display about water use at the London Aquarium. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s Year in Review 2006 includes reference to a joint IAEA FAO project to eliminate tsetse fly from the southern Rift Valley in Ethiopia. The New Scientist’s 2006 Year in the Environment covers trophy hunting as a conservation measure for African lions. Three Botswana lodges are included on Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Hotel Awards 2006. Many sites covered climate change as the top environmental issue in 2006 – see the World Meteorological Organization’s statement on the status of the global climate in 2006. Science News Online’s list of top stories of 2006 includes an item about the discovery of asteroid pieces in the Morokweng crater in the Kalahari. And the Biopact site features a review of 2006 developments in African biofuels.

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