Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tertiary Education Council visit

Representatives of the Tertiary Education Council (TEC), the Government of Botswana's regulatory body established to coordinate and promote higher education in Botswana, visited HOORC on Friday. As a research centre of the University of Botswana, HOORC falls under the aegis of the TEC, which will begin funding Botswana public tertiary institutions around 2007/08.

The TEC is developing a new government tertiary education policy that will recommend new ways of governing tertiary institutions that are government funded. The body will be actively encouraging competition among institutions by giving more funds to those that do more and relevant research linked to industry.

You can find more about the TEC by reading its strategic plan and Towards a knowledge society : a tertiary education policy for Botswana : technical report in HOORC's Library.

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