Thursday, August 10, 2006


OKACOM's new web site

The latest issue of Okaflow, the newsletter of the Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM), reports a visit of the Commission's representatives to Kangamba- Kumeta and Pandera communities in Angola's Kuando Kubango province, the signing of a two year grant agreement worth over US$ 2million with the Southern African Development Community (SADC), project rehabilitation of five hydro-meteorological stations in Kuando Kubango province, a training course for water technicians in measurement of water level and stream flow of the Okavango River, and coordination of biodiversity work in the river basin, including a mention of HOORC's GEF-funded Biokavango Project.

The newsletter also announced the launch of OKACOM's own bilingual web site, which features a useful map of the river basin on its home page.

You can find the newsletter online and in HOORC's Library.

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