Thursday, May 18, 2006

African journals online

We recently learned about the Archive of African Journals project that is making the full text of articles in eleven social science and humanities journals available online. A quick scan of the collection produced some treasures, including a 1978 essay review in Zambezia by T.S. Choate, Is Our Wildlife Literature Coming of Age? Choate tracks the growing influence of science on writing about wildlife, using such examples as Davison's Wankie: the Story of a Great Game Reserve , We Knew a Duiker : a True Story by Wilson MacArthur, and Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton's Among the Elephants. Many of the titles he discusses can be found in the Peter Smith Collection in HOORC's Library.

The African e-Journals Project is a collaborative effort of Michigan State University with the Association of African Universities and the African Studies Association.

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