Friday, September 09, 2005

Historical resources: Potten's Okavango Bibliography

Part of the 1970s UNDP - FAO - Government of Botswana study, Investigation of the Okavango as a Primary Water Resource for Botswana, D.H. Potten's Okavango Bibliography offers one-point access to references to historical reports, articles and government memoranda about the Delta. The bibliography contents are grouped in the following categories:

1. General
2. Missionary, Explorer and Hunter Accounts -- Pre 1914
3. Explorer and Hunter Accounts -- Post 1914
4. History
5. Economic Exploitation of the Delta
6. Hydrology
7. Meterology
8. Geology, Geography, Topography
9. Agriculture
10. Wildlife
11. Birdlife
12. Botany
13. Entomology
14. Fishlife
15. Anthropology and Sociology
16. Health.

The bibliography also offers an author index and an indication of the original physical location of the item. You can use the Potten bibliography in the HOORC Library: check the catalogue entry here.

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