Friday, September 16, 2005

The Headstreams Project

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Kampata)

The HOORC Headstreams project in effect started this year (2005) with three MPhil/PhD students working from the Department of Environmental Science and HOORC. The project was initiated two years ago when a proposal from HOORC succeeded in attracting funding from the newly initiated SIMDAS project under UNESCO. This is the first project under SIMDAS (Sustainable Integrated Management and Development of arid and semi-arid southern Africa) and is called the Headstreams Project (005) or “Towards long term sustainable ecosystem management in the headstreams of arid/semi arid southern Africa". The project brief includes the quantification of past and present development of land-cover ecosystem trends (including land-water interactions) in southern African headstreams to facilitate international (trans boundary) decision making pertaining to long term sustainable management and poverty alleviation and has a duration of five years.

The first three students have already started work on headstreams of the Malagarsi-Muyovzi river system draining into Lake Tanganika in Tanzania, the upper Zambezi headstreams in Zambia and headstreams of the Save river in Zimbabwe. For more information please contact Sue Ringrose at

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